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Green Teas

Green Tea has been the preferred drink in Japan for twelve hundred years and much longer in parts of China. The incredible range of tastes and aromas is most enticing.

Interest in the western world has picked up as medical research continues to bestow praise on this style of tea that is low in caffeine, has modest amounts of trace minerals and vitamins, promotes digestion, has been credited with mild weight loss, has anti-cancer and anti-cholesterol properties, and is a mild germicidal.

These teas are often referred to as "non processed" because the freshly picked leaves are left to wither, then shaken or mixed lightly, and finally quickly heated at low temperatures to stop oxidation of natural leaf juices at precisely the right moment.

The production methods are often done by hand, requiring great skill. We've found that Green Tea from China, Indonesia, India, and Sri Lanka tastes more like an Oolong. Green Tea from Japan is known more for its aromatic, herb like quality.

Four things to know about Green Teas

1. One half pound (8 oz) makes approximately 100 six ounce cups. Some Green Teas can and should be brewed a second time.

2. Green Teas should be stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Keep air out of your package by re-sealing it tightly. Most Green Teas will then have a shelf life of 6 months from the time you get them from a good tea supplier.

3. To be enjoyed fully, the recommended brewing instructions on the package are a good guide. Too much or too little tea, too high of a water temperature, or steeping too long often ruins the brew. With a little experimentation, though, you will soon be enjoying the tea that has been preferred for centuries.

4. "Real men drink tea." ~ Singer & Songwriter, Sting


Bi Luo Chun
Bi Luo Chun Green Tea

This excellent 2018 Bi Luo Chun from Jiangsu Province (the true home of Bi Luo Chun) is so good it is considered 'competition grade' among the local Chinese.  The tea liquor is light, floral, and sweet.  A true treat for any Green Tea lover.

$10.50 - $74.95
Cloud Mist Yunwu Green Tea
Cloud Mist - Yun Wu Green Tea ~ Organic

ORGANIC. One of the famous teas of China, Yunwu means "Cloud-mist" because these teas are grown in high mountain areas where the weather produces more developed fragrances and tastes in the teas.

$3.95 - $21.95
Cloud Mist Supreme Yun Wu
Cloud Mist Supreme Yun Wu Green Tea ~ Organic

ORGANIC. One of the famous teas of China, Yun Wu means "Cloud-mist" because these teas are grown in high mountain cloud forest areas where the alternating misty and sunny weather produces more developed fragrances and tastes in the teas. The Cloud Mist Supreme is fragrant, light, and full of taste.

$6.95 - $44.95
Darjeeling Makaibari Green Tea
Darjeeling ~ Makaibari Estate Loose Leaf Green Tea ~ Organic
Makaibari Estate, India. Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe (FTGFOP) organic, bio-dynamic, fair trade. Our best selling green tea. Another beautiful tea from Makaibari! This Green Tea offers a fragrant, mild cup, golden color and Darjeeling taste.
$4.95 - $31.95
Dragonwell First Grade Green Tea
Dragonwell ~ Lung Ching First Grade

Dragonwell is one of the oldest, most famous and best Chinese Green Teas. Once grown only for emperors, it is delicately harvested and expertly made. Dragon Well has a pale gold liquor with a fresh flavor with hints of sweetness.

$0.00 - $62.95
Flowering Bud Green Tea - Double happiness
Flowering Bud Tea ~ Double Happiness

Large globe grape shaped Premium Green Tea handcrafted to bloom into a 2 1/2" "flower" with a three blossom center of Osmanthus, Lilly, and Jasmine Blossoms.

$4.95 - $64.95
Genmaicha Green Tea
Genmaicha Japanese Green Tea
This mellow Green Tea, blended with toasted and popped rice, has always been popular in Japan as a specialty tea. It is very low in caffeine, delicate, pairs well with foods, children like it and it is one of our best-selling Green Teas.
$3.95 - $23.95
Green Delicious
Green Delicious Flavored Green Tea

Green Delicious is a blend of roasted green sencha, dried apple and cinnamon pieces. Good any time of year, but particularly for the Fall and Winter Seasons. The golden tea liquor is delightfully aromatic, mild, and quite refreshing.  Drink it alone or pair itl with light foods and sweets. 

$4.95 - $27.95
Green Earl Grey
Green Earl Grey Tea ~ Organic
New item Summer 2009. Premium Organic Sencha green tea with Organic Oil of Bergamot and rose petals. This Organic Earl Grey Green Tea is just right for earl grey fanciers who want to explore green tea, and offers a new taste option for green tea lovers.
$5.50 - $32.95
Gunpowder Organic Pinhead Green Tea
Gunpowder Green Tea ~ Organic Pinhead
ORGANIC. High grown in South China this gunpowder green tea has less tightly rolled and curled leaves, with a little milder taste than the Temple of Heaven.
$3.95 - $21.95
Gyokuro Jade Dew Japanese Green Tea
Gyokuro Jade Dew ~ Japanese Ceremony Grade Tea

Gyokuro Jade Dew is perhaps the most famous of Japan's Green Teas and is most often used to make Matcha for the Japanese Tea Ceremony.  Shaded during the last month before harvest, the tea flavanoids are concentrated, and chlorophyll is abundant yeilding a delicious (and healthy) cup.

For another delicious shaded Japanese Green Tea,  Kabuse Cha  from Kagoshima on the extreme southern tip of Japan please scroll down to Kabuse Cha Japanese Green Tea.

$8.95 - $64.95
Hojicha Roasted Japanese Green Tea
Hojicha ~ Roasted Japanese Green Tea
This is an amazing tea because it begins as a true Green Tea and then is slowly roasted to turn the leaves brown. A great toasty flavor comes out with underlying green tea notes.
$3.95 - $23.95
Jasmine Chun Hao Organic Green Tea
Jasmine Chun Hao (Moli Chunhao) Extra Fine ~ Organic
Organic Superior Green China Tea with delicate Jasmine flowers makes a very smooth and aromatic cup. In this grade the Jasmine flowers are mostly removed after scenting the tea to allow the fine grade of tea to emerge. It has a little more body than other Jasmine teas.
$4.95 - $29.95
Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls - Organic Green Tea
Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls ~ Organic

*ORGANIC* This is an exquisite Jasmine made from only the finest Green Tea. Customers describe this Organic Jasmine Pearl Tea as 'suberb', 'heavenly', 'a tea to spend an afternoon with.'

$9.95 - $72.95
Jasmine with Flowers Green Tea
Jasmine with Flowers
China Green Tea with an abundance of Jasmine petals creates a light, sweet tea with a nice aroma. Jasmine is the traditional tea of lovers. We sell this tea to restaurants and tea houses where it is very popular.
$3.95 - $23.95
Jasmine Yin Hao Green Tea
Jasmine Yin Hao

Another extremely well made tea from China. The Yin Hao leaf is long, thin, and twisted then scented with Jasmine flowers which are removed. The result is an excellent Jasmine with a little more body than the Jasmine Pearls, but with all the quality.

$5.50 - $35.95
Kabusecha Japanese Green Tea
Kabuse Cha Japanese Green Tea

Kabuse Cha is our newest Premium Limited production Japanese Green Tea.  Delicious.

$6.95 - $57.15
Kenya Kapchorua Estate Green Tea
Kenya Green Tea ~ Kapchorua Estate
Special manufacture Green Tea. Premium leaves are cut, then made into small granules which brew one of the most pleasant but hearty Green Teas we've found lately.
$3.95 - $21.95
Leopard Snow Buds Green Tea
Leopard Snow Buds Green Tea

Leopard Snow Buds is a unique China Wuyi Mountain Green Tea is made from only the bud and first leaf of new shoots picked from selected tea plants.

$5.00 - $72.95
Matcha Luxury
Matcha ~ Japanese Powdered Green Tea - Luxury

Luxury Grade Matcha Japanese powdered green tea is hand produced from the superior grade Gyokuro leaf and Kenya Green Tea from Nandi Highlands.  Matcha is high in anti-oxidants and has become known recently as a 'super food' in health circles. By consuming the whole leaf (ground up) a variety of micronutrients make this an energizing and healthy addition to your diet.

$5.50 - $13.95
Premium Matcha
Matcha ~ Japanese Powdered Green Tea - Super Premium

Strand Tea authentic Matcha Japanese powdered green tea is hand produced Super Grade from the superior grade Gyokuro leaf.  Matcha is high in anti-oxidants and has become known recently as a 'super food' in health circles. By consuming the whole leaf (ground up) a variety of micronutrients make this an energizing and healthy addition to your diet.

This true Kansai Matcha is Strand Tea staff's favorite and we feature it at an excellent price.  Available in a 1 oz (28 gram) tin and 3.6 oz (100 gram) factory sealed pack.

$14.95 - $33.95
Nilgiri Kora Kundah Green Tea
Nilgiri - Kora Kundah /Iyerpadi Estates Green Tea ~ Organic

ORGANIC & FAIR TRADE. Kora Kundah & Iyerpadi Estates are thought to be the highest tea estate in the world at nearly 8000 feet above sea level.

$3.95 - $21.95
Green Pu-Erh Loose Leaf
Pu-Erh Old Tree Green ~ Loose Leaf

Mao Cha Old Tree Pu-erh is a special find made from 50 to 100 year old Yunnan tea trees.  It is made similarly to white teas - withered in the sun for a few hours, then dried in a heated room at about 90°. The leaf is left to age where natural oxidation and fermentation from the organisms in the tea leaf create it's unique flavor.  Because of this process it has more of a green tea characteristic and is considered 'raw' (Mao Cha).  It is a complex tea, slightly 'sweet', with a lingering aftertaste.

$5.50 - $33.95
Sencha Special Grade Kyoto Green Tea
Sencha Kyoto Japanese Green ~ Special Grade
Kyoto Sencha has a fine deep green leaf appearing almost like Gyokuro Jade Dew. It brews a light green liquor with nuanced flavors and is an exceptional grade of Sencha.
$5.50 - $39.55
Sundew Green Tea
Sundew - Flavored Green Tea

A fabulously pretty tea blended from a Sencha-type of leaf and naturally flavored with pieces of Mango. Sundew tea is then graced with Marigold, Sunflower Blossoms, Rose, Cornflower and Safflower Petals. This is an excellent tasting tea, delicately flavored and scented.

$5.50 - $32.95
Tai Mu San Organic Green Tea
Tai Mu San Green Tea ~ Organic

*ORGANIC* This excellent tea is grown by a local farmer in the Wuyi Mountain region; sales of this tea directly support his family farm. Our customers rate this as one of the best overall Green Teas for smoothness, body, mouth feel, and pleasant taste.

$5.50 - $35.95