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Oolong Teas

Translated from the Chinese, Oolong means "black dragon." These semi-processed teas are produced almost entirely in China and Formosa (Taiwan), where they are treasured.

The Oolongs are naturally low in caffeine, aromatic and have a surprising array of delicate fruity and nutty flavors, some with amazing floral aromas. They are good with meals in the traditional Chinese way or drunk alone just about any time of day. It is often said in tea lore that true lovers of tea always prize Oolongs the most.

Oolongs have recently made their way into the Western Tea Drinkers lexicon of health benefits. Research is ongoing but suggests modest weight loss, better digestion, and healthier skin.

Three things you should know about Oolong Teas:

1. Oolongs range from the Jade Oolongs which are more like green teas to the Amber Oolongs which are more like black teas. This has to do with the amount of oxidation of the leaf just before it is dried. The less oxidation the more “green” and the more oxidation the more “black” the final tea becomes.

2. Putting an Oolong in a teabag is like smashing fine porcelain. Oolong leaves become magnificently large and aromatic when brewed. One would never squeeze it into a tight space – so allow plenty of room for the leaves to present themselves.

3. "Tea is a work of art. Each preparation of the leaves has its individuality, its special affinity with water and heat, its hereditary memories to recall, its own method of telling a story." ~ Okakura Kakuzo, The Book of Tea, 1906


Dessert Oolong
Dessert Oolong
A unique Amber oolong from South China flavored with pieces of caramel. This tea brews rich and flavorful with a mild sweetness. Sure to please your guests after dinner or with dessert.
$4.95 - $31.95
Formosa Choicest Amber Oolong
Formosa Choicest - Amber Oolong
A Teahouse tea from South China. Small curled and twisted leaves with occasional silver bud sets brew a medium-bodied, smooth, flavorful cup with flowery aromas in the classic Formosa style.
$3.05 - $36.95
Fujian Mt Oolong
Fujian Mountain Oolong

Fujian Mountain Naturally Grown Oolong is our newest Oolong, added February 2015, and is an excellent value. It is a medium oxidized Oolong brewing a golden brown liquor and a smooth taste which is hard to describe but something like an Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong.  We would consider it an all day tea which can be paired  with a variety of foods.

$3.95 - $19.95
GABA Organic Super Oolong
GABA Super Oolong ~ Organic

Our Organic GABA Super Oolong Tea is flown to Strand Tea Company in Oregon straight from Taiwan for freshness and quality. Premium High Grown tea plants are selected for production, shaded for about 15 days prior to harvest, then moderately oxidized in stainless steel containers where oxygen is replaced with nitrogen while the temperature and PH is carefully controlled. The result is a very pleasing light to medium tea, with almost no bitterness, which is high in the super anti-oxidant, GABA.    read more...

$6.95 - $52.95
Ginseng Oolong
Ginseng Oolong - Southern China Coast
A medium oxidized Ti Kwan Yin (Tie Guan Yin) Amber Oolong which is tightly curled and dried, then rolled in Ginseng and Chinese Sweetgrass (Stevia) Powder. This tea is unique, interesting, leaves a pleasant taste, and is refreshing & energizing.
$4.95 - $31.95
Green Dragon Formosa Oolong
Green Dragon Tung Ting Formosa Oolong

Green Dragon Tung Ting Oolong from Formosa is one of our top 5 favorite teas here in the Strand Tea office and is highly acclaimed by tea professionals. New leaves and budsets are moderately oxidized and dried with perfect application of heat to bring out delicious buttery notes and wonderful aromas. Brew the leaves two to three times.

$8.95 - $59.95
Gui Fei Oolong
Gui Fei Oolong

Gui Fei Oolong, one of the "100 famous teas of China"  is a unique varietal Oolong brought to Taiwan decades ago and now grown in high mountains of Taiwan.  The plum and osmanthus aromas surprised us and then it's toasty pleasing taste wowed us.  With it's layered flavors and aroma Gui Fei has quickly become a Strand Tea staff favorite.  The tastes carry through so well that you must brew this tea twice.

$6.95 - $52.75
Iron Goddess of Mercy Jade Oolong
Iron Goddess of Mercy - Ti Kuan Yin - First Grade Jade Oolong

This is one of our most popular teas and yes, that is the actual name translated from Chinese. It is oxidized a little more than the Green Dragon resulting in deeper flavors. When brewed correctly it has a delicate aroma with complex flavors of peach and toasted almond. It is truly an elegant tea, highly sought after in China.

This item is temporarily out of stock
Jin Xuan Milk Oolong
Jin Xuan Milk Oolong

Milk Oolong is one of those rare finds enjoyed by tea beginners and experts alike. It indeed has a light creamy flavor layered in on top of its great orchid like notes and smooth taste.

$3.65 - $54.95
Magnolia Oolong
Magnolia Oolong

Magnolia Oolong is a light to medium bodied tea without astringency and has a wonderful aroma, perfect for afternoon tea.  It reminds us of an extremely popular tea we had for years called Ancient Beauty Oolong.

$4.95 - $29.95
Osmanthus Oolong - Taiwan High Mountain
Osmanthus Oolong - Taiwan High Mountain

Osmanthus Oolong from the High Mountain Growing Areas of Taiwan is a new edition to our Oolong category. Fresh Formosa Jade Oolong leaves in a Ti Kwan Yin style are scented with Osmanthus Flower Buds for a great taste.

$2.85 - $36.95
Seven Buddhas Jade Oolong
Seven Buddhas Jade Oolong
A lightly oxidized, hand crafted tea, it is a little lighter than the Ti Kwan Yins or the Green Dragon, more in the Pouchong Style. Those with subtle palates will love this tea.
$4.75 - $31.95
Tangerine Dream Oolong
Tangerine Dream Oolong

Tangerine Dream Oolong is a special hand made natural citrus flavored oolong from central high mountain Taiwan. This is a yummy tea with haunting flavors. Perfect for afternoon tea with sweets or savories. This is our staff pick for Summer 2018.

$3.65 - $55.95
Three Treasures Oolong
Three Treasures Oolong
Three Treasures Oolong is a delicious treat from the famous Anxi Region of Fujian Province, home of the Ti Kwan Yin and Hairy Crab Oolongs. Three Treasures refers to the tea itself and then to its very pleasant coconut and pineapple flavors. The taste of this wonderful tea lingers on the palate and is perfect alone or paired with light food and snacks.
$4.95 - $31.95
Wuyi Mountain Oolong
Wuyi Mountain Shuixian Oolong

ORGANIC. Wuyi Amber Oolong is a specific varietal from Wu Yi mountain area of South China. Many of this areas teas are also known as yancha or "Rock Teas" because the tea plants are scattered in little wild patches on the sides of steep mountainsides among the rocky cliffs.

$5.50 - $35.95