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Organic & Biodynamic Teas

Since 1997, Strand Tea has offered Organic, Bio-Dynamic, Natural Grown, and Premium High Grown "Rational Farming" teas from several regions of the world. For more information see: Social Consciousness, Sustainable Agriculture section of our web site.

Organic Tea cultivation has taken a major step forward in the last few years, and as it does we continue to offer more and more Certified Organic Teas. A few Organic teas today actually have improved taste over their conventional counterparts.

We visit Tea Gardens, talk with the tea farmers, and try to see what they face in moving from conventional to organic practices. It is not easy from a farming/labor perspective, assuming the cost of obtaining official organic certification, or as a simple business decision of 'Can I sell my crop without needing to depend on the Western (primarily Europe and US) market'

In particular, we would like to mention one Organic and  Bio-dynamic tea estate—Makaibari Estate in Darjeeling, India. They are a pioneer in Organic, Bio-dynamic, Natural and Fair Trade tea. Makaibari has won numerous acclamations for its tea growing and social responsibility and we are proud to have offered their teas from the beginning of Strand Tea Company.

Three things you should know about Organic, Bio-Dynamic, Natural and Fair Trade Teas:

1. Typically, Organic and Fair Trade teas come from large tea estates. Many smaller, family farms, even though they grow teas with no man made chemicals, can't afford the official organic certification(s). They also don't participate in Fair Trade organizations, because they operate as a family in owning and laboring on the tea farm.

2. Bio-dynamic practices go beyond organic farming by paying attention to the compatibility of plants and animals on the land, and by recognizing the role of healing energies in all aspects of cultivation and production.

3. Lower elevations and homogeneous crop plantings are much more susceptible to pests and soil depletion. Premium teas are grown at higher elevations (generally above 4.000 feet), in smaller patches within tea gardens, under purer air, soil and water conditions, and are hand-harvested. Most tea gardens producing premium teas practice inter-cropping, use indigenous, natural pest-repellent plants, and contain a variety of tea hybrids (cultivars). This reduces the risk of crop destruction while increasing the variety of natural tastes in the final tea leaf.

In addition to the Organic teas listed below, please visit our Rooibos teas.


Bai Mu Dan Super Fancy White Tea
Bai Mu Dan Super Fancy White Tea ~ Organic

Bai Mu Dan (also known as Pai MuTan) Organic Super Grade White tea has as full and sweet taste as we have found in any Bai Mu Dan to date. It is clearly a grade above the standard ones commonly available and often flavored or scented to fill out the taste profile.

$6.95 - $47.95
Black Dragon - Organic High Mountain Taiwan
Black Dragon ~ High Mountain Taiwan ~ Organic

Organic Black Dragon Black Tea is a true tea lovers tea. As soon as we tried this excellent tea, we had several kilos air freighted in from Taiwan. Hand rolled long wiry leaves brew a reddish honey colored liquor with sweet aromas and a depth of taste that is remarkable. 

$5.25 - $81.95
Ceylon Blackwood Black Tea
Ceylon ~ Blackwood Estate ~ Organic
This lot of Blackwood OP1 is the best Organic Ceylon of the season and is a Strand Tea staff pick for a refreshing afternoon tea. Well made leaves with their soft, faintly fruity aroma when dry are characteristic the the best Ceylon High Grown Teas.
$4.95 - $31.95
Cloud Mist Yunwu Green Tea
Cloud Mist - Yun Wu Green Tea ~ Organic

ORGANIC. One of the famous teas of China, Yunwu means "Cloud-mist" because these teas are grown in high mountain areas where the weather produces more developed fragrances and tastes in the teas.

$3.95 - $21.95
Cloud Mist Supreme Yun Wu
Cloud Mist Supreme Yun Wu Green Tea ~ Organic

ORGANIC. One of the famous teas of China, Yun Wu means "Cloud-mist" because these teas are grown in high mountain cloud forest areas where the alternating misty and sunny weather produces more developed fragrances and tastes in the teas. The Cloud Mist Supreme is fragrant, light, and full of taste.

$6.95 - $44.95
Darjeeling - Singbulli Estate Second Flush 2015
Darjeeling - Singbulli Estate Second Flush FOP 2018 Gold ~ Organic

Organic Singbulli Estate Darjeeling FOP Gold ~ Second Flush 2018 (2F or second picking of the season) is a perfect afternoon tea.  Attractive well rolled leaves with a few silver tips produces a coppery gold tea liquor, very smooth with no astringency at the finish.   more info...


$5.00 - $72.95
Darjeeling Makaibari Black Tea
Darjeeling ~ Makaibari Estate Loose Leaf Black Tea ~ Organic
ORGANIC , BIO-DYNAMIC, & FAIR TRADE. Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe (TGFOP). Superior grade First, Second, and Autumn Flushes made in the classic style. Makaibari has a bright copper liquor with a smooth, well-rounded taste when steeped 4 minutes.
$4.95 - $31.95
Darjeeling Makaibari Green Tea
Darjeeling ~ Makaibari Estate Loose Leaf Green Tea ~ Organic
Makaibari Estate, India. Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe (FTGFOP) organic, bio-dynamic, fair trade. Our best selling green tea. Another beautiful tea from Makaibari! This Green Tea offers a fragrant, mild cup, golden color and Darjeeling taste.
$4.95 - $31.95
English Breakfast Organic
English Breakfast ~ Organic
ORGANIC. Classic Indian black tea blend strong enough to please the English and the Irish. Good with milk or sweetening and breakfast foods."
$3.95 - $21.95
English Breakfast Traditional Black Tea Blend
English Breakfast ~ Traditional Imperial Blend ~ Organic

NOW ORGANIC! Fit for the imperial court, premium BOP leaves brew a strong cup but with taste just right to go with hearty foods.

$3.95 - $23.95
GABA Organic Super Oolong
GABA Super Oolong ~ Organic

Our Organic GABA Super Oolong Tea is flown to Strand Tea Company in Oregon straight from Taiwan for freshness and quality. Premium High Grown tea plants are selected for production, shaded for about 15 days prior to harvest, then moderately oxidized in stainless steel containers where oxygen is replaced with nitrogen while the temperature and PH is carefully controlled. The result is a very pleasing light to medium tea, with almost no bitterness, which is high in the super anti-oxidant, GABA.    read more...

$6.95 - $52.95
Green Earl Grey
Green Earl Grey Tea ~ Organic
New item Summer 2009. Premium Organic Sencha green tea with Organic Oil of Bergamot and rose petals. This Organic Earl Grey Green Tea is just right for earl grey fanciers who want to explore green tea, and offers a new taste option for green tea lovers.
$5.50 - $32.95
Immune Booster - Organic
Immune Booster ~ Organic

This is our most sought after herbal blend, both for its great taste and immune boosting properties. The Organic herbs used are:  Peppermint Leaf, Orange Peel, Echinacea Purpurea Root and Flower, Calendula Flower, Red Clover leaf & Blossoms, Oregon Grape root, Rose Hips, Goldenseal Root, and a small amount of Green tea.

$5.95 - $36.95
India Wedding Chai
India Wedding Chai ~ Organic
In our opinion this is the best Black Tea (Masala) Chai in the US. India Wedding Chai is made from Premium finely cut organic Assam Black Tea Base with an authentic (Masala) Organic Spice Blend of Cardamom, Ginger, Black Peppercorns, Cinnamon, Cloves, and Fennel. For all you Chai lovers, it is fragrant, warming, and delicious.
$5.25 - $32.95
Irish Breakfast - Organic
Irish Breakfast ~ Organic

Irish Breakfast Organic is the classic blend of whole leaf Indian teas with premium China FOP. It has a rich malty taste for those wishing a robust cup. Excellent breakfast tea with milk.

$4.50 - $25.95
Jasmine Chun Hao Organic Green Tea
Jasmine Chun Hao (Moli Chunhao) Extra Fine ~ Organic
Organic Superior Green China Tea with delicate Jasmine flowers makes a very smooth and aromatic cup. In this grade the Jasmine flowers are mostly removed after scenting the tea to allow the fine grade of tea to emerge. It has a little more body than other Jasmine teas.
$4.95 - $29.95
Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls - Organic Green Tea
Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls ~ Organic

*ORGANIC* This is an exquisite Jasmine made from only the finest Green Tea. Customers describe this Organic Jasmine Pearl Tea as 'suberb', 'heavenly', 'a tea to spend an afternoon with.'

$9.95 - $72.95
Tibetan Lavender
Lavender Flowers ~ Wild Tibetan ~ Organic

Organic Tibetan Wild Lavender Flowers. Wonderfully fragrant dried lavender blossoms, great for Tea, Culinary uses, Baths or Potpourri.

$3.70 - $39.95
Morocco Mint Mate Herbal Tea Blend
Morocco Mint Maté Herbal Tea Blend ~ Organic

Blend of Organic Herbs and Green Tea. Morocco Mint Maté is our own herbal and tea version of Morocco Tea. It is energizing, tastes good, and is refreshing at the same time.

$3.50 - $18.95
Nilgiri Kora Kundah Green Tea
Nilgiri - Kora Kundah /Iyerpadi Estates Green Tea ~ Organic

ORGANIC & FAIR TRADE. Kora Kundah & Iyerpadi Estates are thought to be the highest tea estate in the world at nearly 8000 feet above sea level.

$3.95 - $21.95
Nilgiri Korakundah Black Tea
Nilgiri ~ Kora Kundah Estate Black Tea ~ Organic

ORGANIC & FAIR TRADE - Flowery Orange Pekoe, (FOP); our best selling Nilgiri Tea. Kora Kundah Estate is thought to be the highest tea estate in the world at almost 8,000 feet above sea level.

$3.95 - $24.95
Tai Mu San Organic Green Tea
Tai Mu San Green Tea ~ Organic

*ORGANIC* This excellent tea is grown by a local farmer in the Wuyi Mountain region; sales of this tea directly support his family farm. Our customers rate this as one of the best overall Green Teas for smoothness, body, mouth feel, and pleasant taste.

$5.50 - $35.95